6 - 59 The Channel of Intimacy (Mating)
Intimacy is extremely important to you. It is through intimacy that you give and receive support. A simple touch or a hug proffered at the right moment can fill you with energy and give release to the complicated emotions you’ve been bottling up. It is through intimacy that you maintain emotional balance. This channel narrows the distance between you and others and breaks down emotional barriers in next to no time. This applies to physical intimacy as well as the rest of your life. Intimacy exudes fertility and people are irresistibly attracted to you. The trick here is to use your ability wisely and soberly. Focus on spiritual connections: Your unique ability to procreate can produce projects, concepts, and human relationships of unparalleled quality. The channel also endows individuals with the ability to experience keenly. Your heightened sensuality penetrates easily into the aura of those around you, and not everyone’s comfortable with that. Even so, believe me: There will be others who have no problem being around you.