4 - 63 The Channel of Logic
You think logically and subject everything to intense scrutiny. You are optimistic, but you are not averse to considering possible negative outcomes. Your consistent and sober outlook distinguishes you from others: You can immediately identify the relationship between cause and effect. Logical thinking aside, doubts and concerns often assail you, though you really shouldn’t get worked up before there’s any reason to, especially when it’s too late to change anything. Another hallmark of this channel is a tendency to reflect and feel anxious. While this is neither here nor there, it would be advisable to take a step back and consider what is truly deserving of your attention. Despite the anxiety they might experience over personal problems, those with the Channel of Logic are perfectly capable of solving the problems of others. This is where it helps to be logical and consistent. Still, don’t rush in and start working right away: Wait until you’ve been invited to do so first.