1 - 8 The Channel of Inspiration
This is the creative channel of those who express their abilities in a unique and distinctive way. They are naturally creative, but it’s a different kind of creativity. This is also the channel of leaders who create without regard for whether others will follow. They know exactly where they’re going, and they end up leading society. These individuals unconsciously empower with their creativity, their flamboyant appearance, their unusual dress: Their very appearance is an inspiration to others! They hate to be like anyone else, and the worst thing you can tell them is that they remind you of someone. To be unique: That is what they strive for! This channel thrives off of self-expression, but it needs to be recognized by society. And not just in any old way: Theirs must be distinctive and unique. Individuals with 1 – 8: Seek out your voice and be not conformed to what is common. You have a real talent for making art out of insignificant details. Don’t miss your chance. To thine own self be true.