30 - 41 The Channel of Recognition
Individuals with this channel are blessed to experience every kind of feeling imaginable. They are incredible dreamers who constantly call their state into question. In doing so, they rouse the emotions of all around. It is essential that those with channel 30-41 learn patience and control. Coming to grips with the multifarious emotional wave isn’t an easy task. Eventually, however, they will learn to understand their goals more accurately. The depth of your emotions may prevent others from getting a good read on your actual mood, especially when private concerns bear down upon you. A little help from some friends can help soften the mood swings. A word of advice: Pursue your dreams no matter what, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Let the Universe know what you’ve got planned and try to hitch your plans to the collective good. Doing so will introduce you to like-minded people and joint efforts will benefit your dream.