16 - 48 The Channel of Talent
You have been designed to excel at a unique creative process. The Channel of Talent represents hard work and dedication. Constant practice will lead to recognition. The works of art you create will transcend any single school. But remember: Skills of any kind demand at least seven years to achieve a level of mastery that would allow you to practice them with peace of mind. Lucky for you, nature has endowed you with talent: No need to go looking, just get down to honing your skill. You will transform whatever domain you choose into an art form, be it sports, or business, or politics, or…art. Wondering how you will manage without exhausting your strength and falling into despair? The flip side of this channel is a fear that you have not learned or done enough. So go easy with the number of courses, seminars, and lectures you sign up for. Find allies to support and inspire you instead.