20 - 57 The Channel of the Brainwave
A channel of strong intuitive sensitivity. You are capable of foreseeing future developments by looking at present events. It’s hard to pull the wool over your eyes because you can detect the slightest falsehood. You intuit the moods of others and read their true intentions. Your ability allows you to anticipate risks and avoid them. You can be a little tricky to get along with because you always know what others really mean by something. While there’s no question that your powerful intuition is advantageous, it could be worth toning it down a notch. Not everything needs to be addressed. Innate caution flows from this channel: This is a result of your ability to sense the true state of affairs. The channel is also a source of incredible discoveries and insight. At the most unexpected moment, the voice of intuition will toss a brilliant idea out there: Grab it and put it to work for you.