11 - 56 The Channel of Curiosity
Stop seeking so ardently after things you seem to need to find: Then you will come to understand that the real treasure is in the process itself. Individuals with this channel have been armed with a great curiosity for new ideas. They should know that while they are unlikely to derive any practical use for themselves, the ideas will always stimulate others. For they are great storytellers, and their life experience is the stuff of inspiring stories. The stories serve listeners as a source of material for meditation, and there are lessons to be learned from them. How you interpret your stories is equally important. In this regard, your past is a magnificent resource for your search. As far as you’re concerned, neither the ideas nor their implementation is the real point. The real point is the search itself. Your curiosity will never be satisfied. The true search must be directed inwards. Just look back on your life and think about how you got to where you are.