27 - 50 The Channel of Preservation
The Channel of Preservation is about instilling the right values in your offspring. You pass down what has been defined and genetically imprinted deep within. Those who come into contact with you invariably feel the power of your influence: If they don’t happen to share your views, they leave. Rest assured: You can attract the attention of even the most selfish individuals and make them part of your community. You are a natural-born mentor and educator. You worry about the well-being of others: Your sense of duty demands that you serve and protect. Those with the Channel of Preservation often choose a career of service: They do their part to preserve community values.  Your instinct calls you to nurture, care, and protect. But you run the risk of giving more than you get: Watch out your sacrifice isn’t taken for granted. Try to maintain a balance, and people will be happy just to have you around.