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Unearth the blueprint of your life, understand your true nature, and navigate the world with clarity and confidence.
What is Human Design?What is Human Design?
What is Human Design?
What is image
Inspired by the I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, and more, Human Design offers insights grounded in age-old wisdom.
What is image
Using your birth data, learn about your unique qualities, how you make decisions, and ways to enhance your daily life.
Take a step forward in your personal development, learn new sides of your character and improve your relationships with loved ones
How can Human Design help me?
How can Human Design help me?
Analyzing your chart gives more insight into your personality, helps you find points of growth and accept your strengths or weaknesses.
What is my purpose?
What skills will help me achieve business success?
How to find the strength to change my life?
How to find harmony and happiness with my loved one?
How to eat right and strengthen the immune system?
What talents do I have? How can I apply them in my life?
How to overcome the crisis in relationships?
What is the reason for my fears and doubts?
How to find my place in life?
How to find a balance between work and personal life?
How do I make decisions I will not regret?
How to get relationships on track with colleagues and family?
Dive Deeper: Why Us?
For years, we've been the trusted guide for Human Design enthusiasts, demystifying the complexities of Rave Charts and illuminating the path to genuine self-awareness.
Flawless chart accuracy
We've updated the database with time zones and celestial body ephemerides, ensuring even more precise and reliable Human Design calculations.
Flawless chart accuracy
Easy-to-use analysis tools
Sign up on our website to save Rave Charts in your personal space and receive free brief reports.
Easy-to-use analysis tools
Quick, automated report
After ordering and payment, you can download your report in PDF format within minutes.
Quick, automated report
Unique original content
Our reports offer unique and meticulously detailed content that you won't find anywhere else online.
Unique original content
Voices of Our Journeying Community
True Self Design
November 28
Emily S.Emily S.Emily S.Emily S.Emily S.
Emily S.
I was always questioning who I really was and what my strengths are. This Human Design report was like a mirror reflecting my true self. It helped me understand my personality on a deeper level and embrace my unique qualities. Truly life-changing!
Relationship Rev
November 27
Sarah P.Sarah P.Sarah P.Sarah P.
Sarah P.
My partner and I were at a crossroads, unsure of our compatibility. This Human Design report offered incredible insights into our dynamics, helping us understand and appreciate our differences. It's like a guidebook for navigating our relationship more smoothly.
Career Guidance
October 15
Jessica L.Jessica L.Jessica L.Jessica L.Jessica L.
Jessica L.
I was stuck in a career rut, unsure of which path to take. The Human Design report highlighted my strengths and suitable career options. It's been a game-changer for my professional life, giving me clarity and confidence to pursue my true calling.
Empowered Decisions
December 20
Rachel M.Rachel M.Rachel M.Rachel M.
Rachel M.
I've always struggled with making decisions, big or small. The insights from my Human Design report have empowered me to trust my instincts and make choices aligned with my true nature. It's liberating to feel so sure of myself!
Unlocking Potential
October 1
Ashley B.Ashley B.Ashley B.Ashley B.Ashley B.
Ashley B.
This Human Design report has been instrumental in my personal growth journey. It shed light on areas I needed to develop and provided practical steps for improvement. I feel like I'm growing every day into a better version of myself.
Peace & Balance
November 14
Lauren T.Lauren T.Lauren T.Lauren T.Lauren T.
Lauren T.
Dealing with stress and anxiety has always been challenging for me. The Human Design report gave me insights into how I handle stress and offered strategies for better management. I've noticed a significant improvement in my overall wellbeing.
The Story of Our Project
The Story of Our Project
Founded in 2021 by a dedicated group of enthusiasts, our project quickly became a beacon for those seeking clarity and guidance. Today, our offerings have touched the lives of several hundred thousand individuals, with tens of thousands diving into our content daily.
Our love for Human Design is unwavering. We believe in its transformative power to enhance life quality and provide meaningful insights. As we grow, we remain committed to sharing this wisdom and celebrating its positive impact with our ever-expanding community.
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