39 - 55 The Channel of Emotion
All emotions are good emotions: That’s what you take from life. Don’t goof off if you want to be sad. If you’re going to rejoice: Do it from the bottom of your heart. This channel rides the emotional wave from the trembling crest of creativity to the trough of emotional melancholy and back again. An important point to remember: Emotions are reactions to the outside world, and feelings come from within. Individuals with the Channel of Emoting need to accept periodic melancholy without trying to seek an explanation for it. The emotional wave rises from the Root Center to the Emotional Center, so emotions will always demand some kind of action from you. Because the struggle plays out inside, however, it goes unnoticed for some time. Two sides of the same coin: the bleakness of repressed emotion, and the clarity of creative inspiration. Respect both states and be kind to both. And understand that the worse you feel now, the brighter your creative talent while shine later.