Woman Manifestor in Relationships
Dear Manifestor woman, you are here to honor your feminine energy. You are nurturing, passionate, and loving, and for others to truly see you, it's crucial that you communicate in the way that suits you best—by informing. Yes, informing! You're not to ask or command, but rather share information, akin to a news broadcast. And this should be reciprocal—you need to inform as well as be informed. Make it a habit and request the same of your partner. It's simple! If you're going out for a couple of hours to get a haircut, just tell him. Your aura is potent and can be repelling, and if you don't inform, you may unsettle your partner. You are here to initiate things—inform your man about what is needed, but don't take action on his behalf. He, too, needs to feel needed; honor his energy type, and especially yours. The responsibility lies with you. That's what being a Manifestor is all about—if you desire something to happen, if you seek change, then you must be the one to instigate it. You can't wait for your partner to take action, nor can you wait for your friend to finally see the light. If you don't act, anger may seep into your life. Strive for balance in informing and resting, as your energy is finite. When you trust the process, peace blossoms in your life along with a world of acceptance and freedom. Your purpose lies within your authenticity.