A Manifestor at Work: Save Your Energy
An open Sacral Center, which generates unlimited quantities of energy, won’t let a Manifestor work 9-5, Monday to Friday. Confronted with a work schedule of this kind, most Manifestors are quickly overwhelmed and filled with anger at being forced to work in such a rigid manner. The result is professional burnout, depression, or problems of a physical nature: The body eventually breaks down under a stress it was not designed for. Go with your creative flow. If you inform those around you of your actions, you will not run up against opposition. You are not guided by arguments, expectations, or pros and cons. You are here to do the right thing. At the right time. In the right place. You are an energy volcano, and if your energy has nowhere to go, you will shut down. So - manage change. Share new ideas. Push people beyond their comfort zone. Delegate. Empower others to do things in new ways. Then your active energy will find its fullest expression.