Parenting A Manifestor
Are you a parent to a Manifestor? Here are the top 4 tips for building a healthy Manifestor: See The Rarity Manifestors only account for 9% of the population. You are bestowed with a unique privilege, and a unique set of challenges. This is a conscious shift in your perspective as a parent. If we have the ability to raise a Manifestor, we are co-collaborators in their journey of impacting the world. Their Energy Polarises Parenting a Manifestor can feel very tiring. Manifestor children fully embody all the Manifestor energy without limitation before they've experienced any of the social conditioning that tells them that they should shrink away. People will energetically notice a Manifestor before they have even done anything. People will notice your Manifestor child and pay attention to them before they have even uttered a word. This creates an unconscious energetic response of polarising. People (adults and children alike) will respond to your Manifestor one of two ways - they will either be magnetised, inspired and find them adorable. Or they will be repelled, annoyed, unsettled and find them inexplicably “bad”. There is no way of changing this. Over time, your child will come to notice this and likely struggle with the feeling of repelling people. Help them understand this isn’t their fault, or their responsibility. Teach Them To Inform Informing is going to be very unnatural for your Manifestor child. They will not be born with the ability to do it, but will need to learn how to inform consistently as a habit. Informing is keeping people (and the Universe) in the loop. Your Manifestor needs to speak out loud to let you know what is going on for them. This includes their decisions, desires, feelings, thoughts, struggles, expectations, etc. it is taking their internal monologue and making it an outer dialogue. Don’t Punish Anger Anger is the Not Self Theme for Manifestors. Which means, your child will be angry. Often. It is common for children to be punished for expressing anger, particularly if it is aggressive or physical. But the opposite is needed for your Manifestor child. They don’t need you to punish them for their anger because it isn’t incorrect or naughty. Teaching them to stop being angry will end up with them suppressing that anger and struggling to connect with it in adulthood. Did you learn anything about your Manifestor child through this post? How can you change your parenting to support them better?