The Manifestor’s Not Self: Anger Incarnate
Manifestors come into this world to stabilize it, to build something new on the wreckage of the old, and to establish new currents and projects. They lead the rest of humanity by the hand along the road to evolution. As long as they live according to their Strategy and Authority, that is. Because Manifestors who follow their Not Self are very different. The Manifestor’s Not Self is anger and frustration. Manifestors possessed by the Not Self work against life’s natural development. By displaying anger, aggression, and rage, they release distorted energy and upset the surrounding balance. They destroy their environment and themselves. Behavior of this kind and the decisions that accompany it can drive a person to depression: The Manifestor’s powerful energy is misused. There are two ways this type expresses the Not Self. In the first, they repress the anger, which ends in impotence. In the second, the Manifestor is driven by anger to cut off everything that a momentary impulse suggests to be a negative influence. The Manifestor must recognize the problem, listen to their Authority, and alert those around them of what further actions seem harmonious and correct to them. Then they must act. Alerting is not the same thing as asking permission. Alerting simply prevents resistance. The Manifestor must recognize that they are not always completely in control of initiation. They do not get to decide what, how, or who. Initiation usually follows upon external events in the life of the Manifestor. They just recognize what’s coming and put it into practice. If you feel anger or rage, you must acknowledge that it would be dangerous to make important decisions at this moment. Initiation undertaken at this moment can end badly. By ridding yourself of the False Self, you will find the peace you seek. Focus on what demands your attention and energy. Understand that the Manifestor who lives in harmony with their Design is a powerful force capable of changing the world around them.