Why are Manifestors a Big Deal
Every single human being is special, but Manifestors are kind of a big deal. You have closed energy Manifestors are 9% of the population, and the only energy type that has a closed aura. All other types have some form of open aura, meaning 91% of the population can easily sense each other's energy. From the beginning you stand out. Your aura is BIG. It's the biggest out of all the energy types. You are energetically noticed way before your physical body or the sound of our voice. People can even FEEL your energy before you walk into a room. You initiate from WITHIN Everyone is here to create and initiate and follow their own desires, but everyone else is doing that from external factors. Generators and MGs are responding to things in their environment, Projectors are waiting to be invited. Reflectors are processing all the energy around them. Manifestors are here to act on inner creative urges. It’s the purity with which you hear your own inner voice that makes you unique. Everyone else may be initiating, but you initiate things that have not been seen before. Even if they’re not 100% unique, creating in your energy makes it noticed and heard. Your voice The magnetic quality to your voice means that when you speak, it’s like turning a megaphone. It’s not important what you say, but the fact that YOU are saying it. This is why the Manifestor technique for initiating is informing OUT LOUD to the universe, or people around you. Because every time you speak you are creating change and impact. When you speak, energy listens. You came here to be noticed, and leave a legacy. Embrace it!