Motherhood and Manifestors
Being a mother and a Manifestor is hard work. It has unique challenges. Let’s look at 2 tips that can help you! 1. Motherhood May Not Fulfill You For all non-Sacrals, the sense of satisfaction from reproduction does not exist. We are exhausted by the experience of physically reproducing a child, then being responsible for responding to their needs. For Manifestors, the difference is in the disruption that motherhood creates to our journey of impact. That sense that you have, that you are here for great things – every Manifestor feels it. It is the very essence of our role as the ‘Initiators’. We desire a big impact from our actions because we are hardwired to do exactly that. The reality is, having children does not fulfill that Manifestor urge. 2. Your Kids Chose You Every single member of your family chose to be in your family. It wasn't a random lucky dip. It is no mistake that your children ended up with you. They wanted a Manifestor mother. This makes it even more important for you to have ownership over your needs as a Manifestor. You need to carve space for your urges and your rest, learn to inform, find the places that feel fulfilling without expecting motherhood to give that to you. You need to tell them what support you need in order to allow all of that to happen. This job of parenting is hard work for us, and we do it so well. We do it so capably, but that doesn't mean that it needs to feel fulfilling. Remember that you are magical, Manifestor.