Step 6: The different planetary and lunar transits
In the Human Design System, planetary and lunar transits can have a significant impact on an individual's design and can bring about important changes in their life. By understanding the different planetary and lunar transits that can affect your's design, you can better prepare for the changes that may come your way and make better decisions during these times. Planetary transits: are like cosmic pit stops where planets move across the sky, affecting our lives by interacting with the positions of planets in our birth chart. Imagine it as a celestial dance, influencing our experiences and offering opportunities for growth or challenges based on the energies at play during these transitory moments. It's like the universe sending personalized messages to guide us on our life journey. Lunar transits: are like the moon's way of adding a sprinkle of magic to our daily lives. As the moon moves across the sky, transiting through each gate of the chart every 28 days, it creates emotional rhythms, influencing our moods and impacting everything from our energy levels to our sense of connection. It's the cosmic conductor of our emotional symphony, guiding us through different phases and helping us tune into our inner tides. You can track your transits in our app. Read about the energies of this day, about your new temporary qualities and follow the mood of the planets. And in the next article, we will talk about open and closed centers in the bodygraph.