Step 9: The concept of incarnation cross
Have you ever wondered what's next after learning your type and strategy in Human Design? Gates and Channels would be a good idea. They will help you better understand the consistent archetypes we play out. A great place to begin is with the gates of your Incarnation Cross. The meaning of your Human Design Incarnation Cross is essentially your life's purpose. It is very common to struggle with the concept of life purpose. Many people have difficulty feeling a sense of purpose in their lives, and there are a few reasons for that: culture, religion, society, or even confusing your job with your purpose. And most painfully of all, being conditioned to believe that our purpose is to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of others. In the gravity of humanity, you forget all the magic you are here to create. But here's the good news: your incarnation cross is a tool to help you remember. The four gates in your cross are really where the human design incarnation cross meaning reveals itself. Each gate that makes up your incarnation cross is like a specific set of tools, practices, and boundaries to help you remember your divinity. Your Cross is made up of the first four gates in your chart: your conscious Sun, conscious Earth, unconscious Sun, and unconscious Earth gates. If you are unsure of where to start, the most important energy to look at in your chart is your conscious Sun. This is truly your defining gate. Look into that gate and how it expresses itself in your life. Consider the low and high expressions of that gate. When you're ready, then move on to the other gates. While understanding the basic energy of each gate in your incarnation, be aware that they are "the gifts" given to you to make your life enjoyable and meaningful.