Step 5: Moving on to aura, profile and not-self
In the Human Design System, there are several key aspects of the chart that provide valuable insight into the individual's unique design and how they interact with the world. These include: Aura: The aura is a representation of the individual's energy field and how they project themselves to the world. It can provide insight into the individual's personality and how they are perceived by others. Read more about Auras here. Profile: Your profile is the position of your two binaries: the personality sun/earth planets, and the design sun/earth planets. Since the sun and the earth are opposite each other, they always activate the same line in opposite hexagrams, for both your personality and your design. Your personality line represents your conscious characteristics, and this is always the first number we read. Not-self Theme: The not-self theme is a representation of the individual's unconscious programming and conditioning. It can provide insight into the individual's limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior that are not in alignment with their true nature. Aura, Profile and Not-Self help you to understand yourself better, and to act in accordance with your nature. Next, we will dive into different planetary and lunar transits and how they can affect a person’s design.