Step 3: Decision-making strategy
In the Human Design System, each type has its own unique decision-making strategy. Understanding these strategies can help individuals make decisions that are in alignment with their unique design and can lead to more fulfilling and successful experiences. Let's deal with each type: Manifestors: They have the ability to initiate action, but they should inform before making a decision. They should take into account the potential impact of their actions on others and consider the feedback they receive before proceeding. Manifesting Generators: They have the ability to initiate action and respond to the needs of the world. They should wait for their sacral response, which is a feeling of rightness or wrongness in the gut before making a decision. Generators: They are designed to respond to the needs of the world, they should wait for their sacral response and take appropriate action in response to it. Projectors: They are designed to guide and direct others, they should wait for an invitation or an opportunity before proceeding. They should use their ability to discern the right opportunity for them before making a decision. Reflectors: They are designed to reflect the energy of the world, they should wait for a lunar month, which is 29.5 days, before making any decision. This allows them to observe and learn from the experiences of others and to make a decision based on what they have learned. Following your strategy may not be easy at first, but over time you listen more to your nature and act in accordance with your nature. In the next article, we will talk about the importance of the date of birth and how to read the birth bodygraph.