Gate 39: The Gate of the Provocateur
You love to provoke others emotionally. You take pleasure in getting a rise out of them. You don’t care how they react exactly, as long as you’ve awakened their inner spirit: You want to see the quality of their spirit. You like irritating others, throwing them off a little or just plain making them mad. The goal is all the same: to provoke a response. If you fail: You go looking for a new victim. You love to flirt, and do it every chance you get. You want to be noticed, acknowledged, and appreciated. You need to understand that your taunting is motivated by a need for attention and that you are disturbing people emotionally. Consequently, you are responsible for them. Not everyone is capable of responding to provocation in an appropriate way, and this calls for caution. Provoke others, but not to the point of frustration: Bring them to joy and pleasure instead of pain.