Gate 10: The Gate of Behavior of the Self
This is the Gate of Love, and it is responsible for accepting and loving who you really are. If it is connected to Gate 20, you express yourself verbally and spontaneously, though perhaps not always consciously. You have a good sense of the behavioral norms accepted in society. Correspondingly, you do everything you can to avoid the slightest manifestation of non-compliance on your part. You want your behavior and actions to have a positive influence on societal norms. The love in this gate also extends beyond the self to encompass other people, life, and all living things. Love for the possibility of being in the moment here and now. You don’t care what anyone else thinks of you because you feel at perfect ease with your own behavior. It is important for you to express yourself individually without disturbing your personal harmony. In doing so, you preserve the integrity of your nature. Happiness for you is to follow Authority without worrying whether this happiness suits anyone else besides you