Gate 19: The Gate of Wanting
The name of the gate speaks for itself: You want to want. And to be wanted. Personal relationships play a central role in your life, and success depends directly on unity, association, and interaction. You want to be there at the party, in the group, in society. And the group you are in must get along, otherwise it just throws you off. As for loneliness: You immediately feel like a stranger or like you’ve been rejected. This need to be with others isn’t necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, it often helps you interact with people and understand them on a higher level. It is not uncommon for you to understand people better than they understand themselves. When it comes to working with yourself: You know how to look inside yourself, determine what’s making you unhappy, and fix it. The main thing here is to learn to separate other people’s desires from your own, and if you do: Everything will work out just fine.