Gate 16: The Gate of Skills
You possess a great deal of aptitudes, but it is only through repetition and by honing your skills that you succeed. This is the case for everyone, of course, but for you the quality is a direct result of repetition and experimentation. Once you have achieved mastery in your field, you really make a connection with what you are doing. You don’t dance: You are the dance. You don’t sing: You are the song. This outpouring of energy is something to be envied. You are forward-looking and sagacious. You are good at seeing the potential and talent in others. You choose projects carefully and make your vision known to others. Once you have chosen a project that shows promise, you know how to find the right people for it and fire them with your enthusiasm. Those around you appreciate your willingness to act and your ability to properly assess the positive and negative aspects of things. You are also distinguished by an ability to take a step back when necessary.