Center 3: The Throat Center
The Throat center contains all the power of human self-expression. The throat is more than just the voice box, after all. It’s where we use different tools (speech, writing, actions) to express ourselves. Simply put, the Throat center is how we speak, how we express ourselves, how we don’t speak, and how we open up to people, or on the contrary, find we cannot express our feelings. Defined for 72% of the planet’s inhabitants. How your Throat center is manifested depends on which centers it is connected to. This is visible in the bodygraph. For example, if your Throat center is connected to the Ajna center, you will be given to immediately speaking your mind. If your Throat is connected to your Emotional center, you will be good at expressing your emotions. A connection to the Heart center indicates an ability to express one’s innermost desires. You are also true to your voice. You can speak confidently and clearly. You are the stuff of good storytellers, teachers, and leaders. You are able to convince others and yourself, and you motivate others to talk. Those with a defined Throat center tend to achieve their goals because they understand what they need and how to achieve it. The Throat center is the only place in the bodygraph where energy finds an exit into physical reality. Connect it to the Ego center, and you get a Manifestor. Connect it to the Sacral center, and you get a Manifesting Generator. The Throat center is about changing reality through manifested words: Through teaching, education, science, coaching.