Center 8: The Sacral Center
The Sacral center is the furnace of the bodygraph. It lights a fire beneath us that fuels our creative impulse till we can no longer hold back the energy, and it breaks forth: Into our work, into our family, into the world. It is a humming generator ready at any moment to share the energy it has accumulated. The greater part of this planet’s inhabitants – some 70% – has access to this inexhaustible energy source. But has no idea how to use it. Defined: Those with a defined Sacral center can automatically be classified as Generators. Their Sacral center releases outrageous amounts of energy in the morning and by evening have exhausted their stores only to be to be filled again next morning for new feats of glory. So, it’s only natural Generators find it difficult to sit idle and wait for a response. The treasure trove of energy is only accessible, however, when Generators love what they’re doing. They don’t initiate, but they are receptive. Remember: When you throw a log on a fire, it doesn’t catch right away. But when it does: Look out! If they don’t wait for the fire to catch, Generators meet with resistance, get upset because nothing’s working right, and give up altogether. The defined Sacral center speaks: “Don’t initiate. Bide your time.”