Center 7: The Emotional/Solar Plexus Center
This center is where all of our thoughts come together. All of the emotions we experience pass through here: This is where happiness and grief, pain and passion, guilt and remorse balance out. As a result, this center is the most active of all. This is the center of awareness and consciousness, and it is responsible for emotional experience. This center is also responsible for addictions to things like alcohol, food, drugs, or sex. Defined: Awareness doesn’t come to people with a defined center immediately. To achieve emotional clarity, they must wait out the emotional highs and lows associated with a given situation. Patience is essential, and it’s not easy to come by. The main task, then, is precisely to employ patience to wait out impulsive emotions and avoid making bad decisions. It is also important to understand and accept that emotional waves are a part of your nature, which has been powerfully equipped with an energy that will always be there waiting for its chance to break through. It isn’t always easy for people who are emotionally defined to engage with people who are emotionally open. Emotionally defined people are responsible for their environment because their emotional state affects those around them. When those who are emotionally defined feel good, those who are undefined feel VERY good, just as they feel VERY bad when those who are defined feel bad. Undefined individuals reflect how the defined individuals around them feel. To summarize: By giving your emotions time to unfold, you will be giving yourself an opportunity to think more rationally and consciously. If you don't wait out the emotional wave, you will end up jumping from emotional decision to emotional decision, and this will fill your life with chaos and confusion. And don’t forget that your emotional wave always affects those around you.