Center 6: The Spleen Center
The Spleen center is a finely tuned radar that carefully scans everything around you and identifies change so that you can react in time. Intuition, instinct, and a sense of proportion all pitch in to help. Fears live here too. Every kind of fear you can imagine: Fear of responsibility, fear of the future, fear of the unknown, fear of ignorance and so forth. Your strong intuition discerns these fears before your mind and does everything it can to help you avoid trouble, bad decisions, or problems of other kinds. Intuition is also a faithful friend in dealings with others, capable of accurately detecting falseness in someone’s voice down to the very level of vocal vibrations in their speech. Defined: The defined center is responsible for your survival: It directly controls the instincts, intuition and discernment that allow you to navigate the world around you and avoid dangers. Your intuition helps you make reliable spontaneous decisions. Its distinguishing feature is that it does not repeat itself. We get only one chance to recognize the voice of intuition and make the right decision. Listen to your intuition and don’t let your False Self sidetrack you on the way to your true instincts, which are always right. This isn’t easy because more often than not the voice of intuition is irrational, and we are left with no argument other than faith. The understanding that you have done the right thing by listening to your intuition comes later, after the fact. And don’t forget that the Spleen center demands that decisions be made immediately because the voice of intuition doesn’t repeat itself.