Center 5: The Ego/Heart Center
This center moves us forward, sustains us, and fills us with the energy to fulfill our desires. Your will resides in the Ego center and presents you with two choices: To achieve goals for the common good or to satisfy your own personal goals. A person will always seek a balance between striving to benefit society and satisfying his or her own desires. This center is also responsible for money. This is where desires and the financial means for fulfilling them are weighed. The Heart center is connected to the digestive system: As long as you maintain harmony in your life, the system functions well. As soon as you start chasing after unnecessary goals, however, your body starts to get out of sync. Defined You like being in control of your life and its resources. You watch what you wear, where you work, and how you spend your time. You think highly of yourself and your personality and can get a little bit puffed up. It is important for those with a defined center to exercise willpower and keep their promises. It’s important that you keep your word when you give it to someone because that’s how you earn trust and reinforce your sense of self-respect. You like to work, especially for yourself, because then you get to decide when to work and when to rest. Those with a defined Ego center do not like to be restricted in the expression of their willpower and ego. It is important for them to be able say “Me, My, Mine,” because it strengthens their heart; suppressing this energy is actually detrimental to their health. They like to work and derive pleasure from seeing their work appreciated and rewarded. As for possible problems related to the defined center, the risk of being too demanding should be mentioned. You can be impatient with those whose center is undefined because they are weak-willed and less competitive. You try to make others do things that they are intrinsically opposed to. This leads to misunderstanding and resistance. In situations like this, it is better to back off a little and stop pushing.