Center 1: The Crown Center
The Head center is responsible for our thought process. This is where we receive and process information, and where we receive inspiration and ideas. This is where our imagination is stimulated. It’s the center that compels us to ask questions of the world every day and seek answers with impatience. Defined: Inspiration and ideas come to you constantly, and you can’t stop thinking about them until it seems as if your head were going to explode. The constant movement in your thought process can be difficult to deal with. Nevertheless, your way of thinking is fairly fixed. This means that others find it difficult to change your mind, to redirect your thoughts in another direction, or get you to question your ideas. Your original way of thinking, making decisions and understanding situations makes you stand out. It’s important to learn to understand how to put your ideas to work, to understand what you really need, what’s worth thinking about, and what you can let go of. Your decisions inspire those around you. You have literally been designed to analyze the past in order to get to the heart of things now or to give birth to new meanings for the future, to create global inspiration for humanity in the present. Individuals with a defined Head center inspire others to undertake new endeavors and ideas. You are capable of motivating others to do things and of demotivating them too. You consider it important for you to share your thoughts with those around you. You also have a tendency to make those with a non-activated Head center think.