What Are Transits?
Basically, they’re kind of like a Human Design weather forecast. Transits show how planets move from one gate to another and affect us in the process. For example, the Sun stays in one gate for approximately seven days, while Pluto sits in one gate for years. Technically, your bodygraph is also a transit: It’s how the planets were positioned at the time of your birth. What happens when you lay your bodygraph on top of the current transit chart? It connects the two charts and their properties. Translated into human terms, transits endow you with additional capabilities and characteristics. What’s important is that they are temporary (the planets don’t stand still in the sky!). So what was relevant to us yesterday may no longer be relevant in a week or a month from now. It’s important to keep track of the transits: You can track where your true Authority and type speaks, and where you are getting distracted by a temporary transit. Put to their most beneficial use, they can help plan your life so that new projects fall on favorable transits, and trips aren’t made during traumatic transits. And transits also teach an invaluable skill: The ability to comprehend that everything is temporary.