Authority in Human Design: Making the Right Decisions
We tend to spend a lot of time thinking about what to do in a given situation. It can be scary to make a mistake, so we find ourselves constantly weighing pros and cons. Only afterwards, when it occurs to us that we expected something different, do we understand that we’ve made a mistake. There is a way to make balanced, correct decisions in Human Design. This is known as Authority, and it’s the second key to our true nature. It provides us with a strategy that prevents mistakes, and consequently, future regret. Every individual’s Authority is different, and it depends on the individual’s bodygraph. Authority fills us with self-confidence, gives us faith in our decisions, and alleviates doubt. All that remains is to learn to listen and hear. Because, unfortunately, we are conditioned in childhood to rely on the opinions and decisions of others: family members, teachers, friends. With age, imaginary “authorities” are added to the mix in the form of the media, advertising, and opinion leaders who impose upon us their ideas of how we should look, what we should think, how we should act, and what we should be concerned about. But this is not us. And we don’t even realize how often others make decisions for us. Another mistake of the decision-making process is to spend too much time thinking about the situation. We love to weigh everything logically, to think long and hard, to reason. But the mind is not connected to the Motor Centers: the Heart, the Sacral, the Root, and the Ego. Unfortunately, the mind is not endowed with the power to push our development forward. The more it decides for us, the more it creates chaos around us. Its an information processor and not a decision maker. Your individual way of making choices is conditioned by your personal Design. The best decisions are made through the Emotions, the Sacral, the Spleen and the Ego, or through that which lies beyond the Ego. The way you choose is conditioned by your activated centers, which can be seen in your bodygraph.