The Gates of Human Design: What Makes Us Unique
The bodygraph channel consists of two gates. By dividing a channel into two gates, we indicate where individuals depend on others, and where they need the help of others. A gate may be activated in a colored center, in which case the theme contained in that gate will affect an individual more actively than an entire activated center. The effect is caused by an individual’s focusing on what they lack rather than on what they already have. A gate can also be active in an undefined center, in which case the gate is referred to as being dormant. Its theme is activated only when an individual with the necessary defined center happens to be located near you or their function is performed by the current transit. A gate of this kind has less effect on individuals, though they still suggest that the theme of the gate needs to be developed. If there are no gates at all in an open center, then the stories and false fears of that center are irrelevant to you, and you mirror the themes of that center without an inner connection to them. There are a total of 64 unique gates with their own characteristics in the bodygraph. You can read more about them in the Learn More section under the Gate tag. Gates possess a characteristic known as lines. Each gate is endowed with an additional characteristic of one of the six lines, which makes the human design system more extensive and allows you to characterize each one in more complete detail: more than 1000 combinations of 64 gates and 6 lines. The meaning of each line can be understood more easily by employing a metaphor related to human life: 1 — An infant, naïve, open-minded, wary of the big unknown world 2 — A child, totally preoccupied with playing in a sandbox and endowed with natural talent 3 — A rebellious teenager who denies all authority and accepts only the results of personal experimentation. 4 — An adult under 30, rational, practical, with a great deal of useful contacts 5 — An adult under 50, whose life experience allows him to make bold decisions and influence the masses 6 — An elderly individual who has experienced life and developed a unique model of behavior and is capable of influencing those around merely by being present. Keep track of the number in the gate after the period and add that number and that of the gate to receive a more detailed characterization of your bodygraph.