Is It Depression? No! It’s Your Not-Self!
Take a look at your bodygraph. The first thing you’ll see are the nine centers, some colored and some not. In the colored – or defined centers – your personal energy is fixed and manifests itself in the same way in every situation. You can count on these manifestations when making decisions, evaluating how you feel, working, and being in relationships. In the white – or undefined centers – you are open to influence from the outside world – or conditioning. All the worries and fears of the open centers are united by the concept of the False Self – something you don’t want to be guided by when making decisions. We are at our most vulnerable where we are open. Every open center has its own verification question. An answer in the affirmative means you’ve fallen into the Not-Self: You’re wasting time on things that don’t matter, and they will keep you from being yourself. 70% of people get caught up in things that are of no concern to them and spend their time worrying about other people’s problems (open Head Center) 50% act like they know everything (open Ajna Center) 30% want extra attention (open Throat Center) 50% are trying to figure out who they are and find themselves in this world (open G Center) 30% are incapable of finishing work on time and end up feeling exhausted (open Sacral Center) 50% don’t understand which foods, people, or habits are good for them and which aren’t (open Spleen Center) 50% are constantly rushing and wish they could be free of the anxiety of being late (open Root Center) 50% just want to avoid conflict and aren’t looking for the truth about themselves (open Emotional Solar Plexus Center) 65% are trying to prove their worth to themselves and others (open Ego Center) Recognize yourself anywhere here?