Projector: How to Be Happy and Keep from Burning Out
Projectors are emotionally complex. They are very dependent on others, which can be painful. In her book on how to understand who you really are and be happy, Karen Curry Parker discusses the burnout that can happen to Projectors after 40. To work hard a Projector often borrows energy from other types. At such times, the Projector turns into a Super Generator capable of moving mountains. Unfortunately, the feeling is very short lived. Constantly striving to live like a Generator leads to burnout and exhaustion. Without knowing your Design, you can come to feel emotionally drained without even understanding why. And then all of a sudden you are presented with the realization that you want nothing, you have no strength, and you are overwhelmed by a deep sadness that sucks out any desire to create or realize your potential. Of course, this state lays waste to the Projector and everything around them. What can you do when burnout sets in? The main thing is to understand that there is a way out. Life goes on. Yes, you are a special type, and you have no access to a constant energy source. But Generators and Manifestors need you. You are their key to success. So don’t worry. Wait for an invitation. It’s bound to come. Waiting is never easy, but if you follow your strategy, you will get what you need. Otherwise, you will be doomed to initiating things you don’t need and driving yourself ever more deeply into hopelessness and bitterness.