Projector: The importance of rest
What is a projector? The Projector is a kind of aura type in human design. If you look at the bodygraph, you will see that projectors don't have a sacral defined or any of the motors (the root, the solar plexus, the emotional center, or the ego connected to the throat). Projectors are very sensitive! They are very attuned, and they can tell what someone is about just by looking at them. They are very good at noticing things, to the smallest detail. If you are a projector, the energy that you have is different than most people. You're not a person that can be working a day job, eight hours a day, six days a week. Your energy system works differently. You have to become hyper-aware of your battery. Imagine that you're a phone or any device, and you have a battery meter. Whenever that battery is going down and you're about 30%, it's time for you to rest you. You're not someone that can push through the tiredness because you're gonna pay a price for that. It's gonna come as burnout or resentfulness or bitterness, and you really cannot afford to go there. So my advice as a projector is for you to find a way in which you can work, but only a couple of hours a day, and then take a break, maybe a couple of hours the next day, and take a break. Never fully spending yourself, always something left in the tank. Don't think for this reason, because someone is a generator and they can work 10 hours a day, seven days a week, they're gonna go further than you because you're very efficient. You're a different kind of machine let's say. You are going to be able to figure out ways in which you can be super productive in the chunks of time that you have. Sometimes there's gonna be transits or you're gonna have people around and you're gonna have more energy. And that's okay. You can use that energy. Sometimes I have a full week that I'm full of energy and I can go full force, like toe to toe with any generator. But then at one point, you notice the cable is unplugged and your battery is starting to go down. And the battery mustn't go red! Just stay in the yellow zone, 30% left you say like «Okay guys, I go home». You want to go to bed way before you're feeling this extreme tiredness, and you're gonna see immediate results in your life, in the invitations that you attract in your energy, in your mood. Whenever you're having downtime as a projector, that's great. Don't be guilty about it. Just enjoy that time. And whenever the energy and the inspiration come again, you start working again, or you start doing whatever it is that you are doing. Remember to wait for the invitations and always listen to your authority! it can really be that simple. Just need to build your patience if you do not have it yet. Thank you and enjoy your projector life! -L