Projector Types: Not So Straightforward
Projectors are facilitators, guides, and mentors by nature. Their strategy calls for them to receive an invitation. Projectors are divided into Mental, Energy, and Classic depending on the center involved. Mental Projectors It’s worth clarifying that defined/activated centers can vary and include: consciousness, pressure, self-expression, direction, and energy motors. Motors are the centers that exercise the greatest influence upon us. In Mental Projectors, the upper centers are defined: the Head, the Ajna, and the Throat. Centers below the Throat are open. In this individual, the focus is on the mind. Mental Projectors are adept at sampling the energies of others through their own inactivated centers. While providing valuable information and guidance to others, they themselves are sometimes unable to accept that their mind can become an Authority for them. It is important for them to be able to separate to better understand themselves. Mental Projectors need to understand that they are subject to influence by others, and if they can learn to monitor and take advantage of this fact, it can become an indispensable tool. Energy Projectors Energy Projectors can have one or more activated motors (Ego, Emotional, Root). For their lives to enjoy harmony, it is essential that they listen to their Authority and be on the lookout for those who want to use their energy for their own purposes. It is important that you conserve your energy and not waste it on unnecessary activities or projects. Certain motors have you struggling with the desire to initiate in order to release pressure and to act in ways that threaten to turn you into a workaholic. Unfortunately, individuals of this kind can forget about their true path of guiding people to success and greater efficiency. Classic Projectors Classic Projectors possess defined centers below the Throat but no motors. In the absence of defined motors, they are conditioned by the energy centers of other individuals and must evaluate their appropriateness. This allows them to be objective and selective in the invitations they receive. The environment is extremely important to Classic Projectors because they are conditioned by the defined centers of others. It is good if the conditioning in the environment is of the right kind and works to enhance energy and vitality.