The Parent Projector: Another Challenge
There are several things that make parenthood challenging for Projectors. As a non-energy type, Projectors are not meant to spend a great deal of time with someone else on a daily basis – even a beloved child. Especially if the child is a Generator. Parent Projectors find the endless stream of questions, games, and activities and the heightened interest in all things new exhausting. Projectors who happen to be under the influence of the False Self at this point and weighed down by the social demands of the family game – Remember what a family’s supposed to be like! How caring a mother should be! How a good father behaves! – will be driven to a state of permanent exhaustion. Another challenge facing the Projector is the need to possess a clear understanding of what the child should be doing. After all, Projectors are designed to perceive just what direction anyone they come across should be moving in. More often than not, however, children do not seek this kind of advice from their parents, indeed teenagers refuse to recognize anyone’s authority at all. There is a flip side, however. Despite their emotional attachment to their own child, Projectors are capable of identifying underlying aptitudes, abilities and talents objectively. Especially those of Generators. The strongest family relationships begin with parents who adhere to the principle of “Come to me for advice if you need it” and then exercise patience enough to wait for their children to come to them (i.e., to recognize the Projector’s expertise). Parent Projectors are the wisest educators, coaches, and psychologists their children could have. When children know they can count on a parent to be objective and wise, they are emboldened to follow their own life journey more freely.