Who Are Projectors?
Projectors account for approximately 21% of the population. Their Sacral Center is not defined, which means they are of the non-energy type. Projectors in daily life and in relationships: Projectors can be full of energy and enthusiasm one day and then realize on the next that they have absolutely no energy for anything and no idea what to do about it. This is a side-effect of having no constant energy source: They get energy when they receive recognition and an invitation (from the energy of others). The Projector’s natural role is to manage people, to guide them, to bring them together. This can only be done effectively when others want to be guided or directed. Projectors who misuse energy and their inherent wisdom are often perceived by others as being pushy, overbearing, and irritating. Others tend to avoid or ignore them. When Projectors use their energy correctly, they enjoy respect, and their talents, leadership skills, and knowledge are sought after. If you are a Projector: Wait to be asked for some advice or feedback. Don’t try to initiate; more often than not, it just leads to frustration. Recognition is important to you. Wait for some recognition. For example, you could try making eye contact to feel out whether you are ready to be heard and only then join the discussion. Try not to be too pushy. Try to ask questions that can help you determine whether you have been invited or not. Try something like: Maybe I can help? Do you mind if I try? If the answer is yes, great: You’ve got your invitation. If the answer is no, you should wait. Questions like this are effective in every situation; just rephrase them to fit your particular situation. Some advice on how to deal with Projectors: Understand that Projectors really want to be helpful. Accept that Projectors are inherently very wise, make valuable contributions to our lives, and are worth listening to. Invite them to share their ideas. Invite them into your space. Don’t take it personally if they misuse energy and behave inappropriately as a result.