Aura: Good and Not So Good
An aura is an electromagnetic field that all people have. It is through our auras that our emotions, feelings, and sensations are constantly influencing and condition others in an unconscious way. Each type has an aura with its own distinct characteristics. The Manifestor Aura Manifestor auras are repelling. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say they don’t attract. Other types don’t feel quite at home in the company of a Manifestor, though knowing the individual well can mitigate the effect. In any case, Manifestors don’t attract like Generators do. The Manifestor’s closed aura can be compensated for with a strategy known as “informing”. The Generator Aura Generators have the warmest, most attractive, open aura. Generators are the easiest to get to know and establish a connection with. They also happen to be very sensitive and are strongly conditioned by the auras of others, so it is very important to separate what is necessary from what isn’t. The Projector Aura Projector auras are extremely focused and absorbing. A Projector can penetrate directly into another’s aura, reaching right down to the core. Projectors are always interested in others, and they are always exploring the nature of those around them. Others can feel it, and such close analysis can be uncomfortable or, if the Projector is pleasant, relaxing. After all, they know what others need: They can feel it. The Reflector Aura The Reflector’s aura is similar to that of the Manifestor, closed and dense, though differs in that it does not repel. When in contact with other auras, the Reflector samples them but is not conditioned. As it passes through the aura of another, it samples and reflects it. Auras say more about us than we might think. Accept it for what it is: another channel of communication with the world that’s always there. If you are in harmony with your aura, it is impossible to ignore.