Strengths and Weaknesses of Types: A Brief Word about Everybody
Each Human Design type possesses its own set of positive and negative character traits. In her book Understanding Human Design, Karen Curry Parker has listed the main strengths and weaknesses of the types, which will be helpful for those who are just starting out in their study of Human Design. Consider how well these characteristics describe you and your friends or family members. Manifestor Strengths: energetic, agile; commanding, authoritative; successful; impulsive; mysterious. Weaknesses: spiteful, irritable; self-centered; a loner; impatient; secretive. Generator: Strengths: energetic; masters of their craft; possess consistent energy; know their worth. Weaknesses: prone to frequent frustration; quick to give up; cannot simply give up on everything; gets confused. Manifesting Generator: Strengths: energetic; capable of multitasking; rational in decisions; know their worth; possess consistent energy. Weaknesses: emotional attitude: anger and frustration; blind to certain details; won’t give an inch; hate waiting; don’t always finish after starting. Projector: Strengths: organize and direct others; perceptive; attract attention; help concentrate on important tasks. Weaknesses: perceived by others as lazy; may lose interest in a task; oversensitive; prone to melancholy. Reflector: Strengths: outgoing; enthusiastic; out of the ordinary; advocate for peace and prosperity; reflect the state of society. Weaknesses: oversensitive; emotional attitude: frustration; inconsistent, down-to-earth, obsessive.