Circuits in Human Design: What Group Are You?
The nine bodygraph centers are connected by channels. Take a closer look, though, and you’ll notice that each center has many more channels leading out from them than are needed for contact with the other centers. That’s because in addition to the channel’s characteristics, it’s also important which circuit a channel establishes. There are four groups of circuits in Human Design: Individual, Tribal, Collective, and Integration. A circuit characterizes the role you are assigned in society: Those with Individual Circuitry are happy to see to themselves and fulfill their own individual mission. Those with Collective Circuitry are concerned with communities united by a single idea and the development of those communities. Those with Tribal Circuitry are focussed on their family and loved ones. Those with Integration Circuitry figure out early on that if you want to continue your bloodline, you have to establish yourself first. Individuals with this circuitry are considered to be the least dependent of the four on society and relationships with others. As is the case with any system, no one comes wired with exclusively individual or tribal circuits. There’s always a little bit of this and that everywhere. It is only possible to identify a particular circuit after coming to an understanding of which group of channels dominate your bodygraph. By knowing which circuits are present in your bodygraph, you can better understand why your partner “only thinks about himself”, why your father “always cared more about the people at work than about his own children”, and why your mother “sacrificed everything for her family”.