Business Skills in Human Design
Do I have what it takes for business? Will making money be easy? There are a few places in Human Design that point to whether an individual has what it takes to achieve success and profit. - Profile Line 3 At first blush, individuals with 3/5, 3/6, 1/3, and 6/3 profiles would appear to be predisposed to success in business. Line 3 is all about trial and error. And so is business: It’s about constantly trying, making mistakes, and then trying again. Those with Line 3 are best suited to this. - The Money Circuit This consists of channels 19-49, 40-37, 54-32, and 44-26 and endows an individual with the ability to earn and accumulate money. Take a look at the Money Channel - 21-45 - too. - The Ego Center A defined ego center points to a focus on the material world and shows that you know what you want from life and how to get it. People of this kind are more likely to achieve financial success. - Venus in the bodygraph This element comes from astrology, and Venus is always responsible for finances and how we relate to them. Such is the case in Human Design as well. Pay attention to gate with Venus and the lines (the numbers after the dot). Venus doesn’t tell us how to make money: It shows us how we perceive money, and what we want for it. Of course, this is also what drives our desire to earn it. Every bodygraph has places of power that speak of our ability to earn. What’s important is to analyze the chart carefully to uncover the nuggets that lie under the surface.