Projector and Projector relationship
Projectors can definitely thrive in romantic and business relationships with other Projectors. It’s known that projectors need to be invited. But as both are projectors, the energetical bonding is much easier. They don’t need to follow their strategy within themselves, but only with others. What is more important is to understand yourselves, first and foremost, then understand and know how to improve the specific dynamics of your relationship together. Recognize and support the differences patiently. Communication will be the basis for your relationship. The more you excel at it, the better you will get along. Talking openly and being good listeners will help communicate more effectively. This is the big issue rather than invitations. As a projector being in a relationship with a projector you will notice you go slower than others, you need to rest and relax in order to recharge your inconsistent energy. Don’t judge yourselves for not doing things all the time. Many projectors have been conditioned as a generator very often. It’s true, you can’t work 24/7. Don’t over push yourselves, that may end in a burnout. And when you are in downtime, each of you may find a ‘solo’ moment. That’s perfectly correct. It will also help to recharge. As sensitive beings, always honor your downtime, the wise rhythm of your solitude. There are also big differences in a relationship between two projectors, that’s because of the authority of each one. It enriches the relationship, aka being an emotional projector in a relationship with a self-projected projector we operate differently. I have developed my skills as a good listener, without giving opinions, because I know he needs to speak out to have clarity. On the other hand he knows my emotional wave has to pass to have clarity, so he gives me some space. Because of the unique mechanics of each other, one projector is actually vastly different from another projector hence what works for one may not completely work for another, so communication and knowing each other will be the key for success.