Respond and Reflect: Generator and Reflector Together
Reflectors are the rarest personality type: They account for just 1% of the world’s population. Reflectors have all their centers open, which testifies to their openness to the world and others. They absorb the energy of others and can see the world through their eyes. They are like a reflection in a mirror, as a result of which their mood can be very changeable: Your proximity to an emotional person fills you with emotion, but no sooner have they left than you are left completely empty. Reflectors need to be around other people, but they also need to be alone to discharge the energy they’ve absorbed through the nine open centers. To understand whether a partner is right for them, they must sample the energy of their potential partner and analyze how it feels. Other types find Reflectors mysterious and strange: Their energy is related to lunar activity, whereas the other types are subject to solar energy. As a result, Generators find Reflectors slow. It irritates the Generator, however, that the Reflector doesn’t seem to do anything and seems incapable of solving the most mundane of problems. The relationship only works if the Generator accepts the Reflector as is, without attempting to change or rush them. Don’t forget that the Reflector requires a minimum of 28 days of reflection to make a balanced decision. Reflectors can’t live without others, and Generators can’t live without Reflectors. Reflectors tend to be wise. They possess the gift of reflecting their surroundings. Their treasure trove of reflections on life, which they are happy to share, make them a joy to converse with. A relationship between these types usually happens when the Reflector is a unifying link for other Generators and is helping them and contributing to joint interaction and development.