Keep Your Distance: Two Manifestors Together
Relationships between individuals who share a type tend to go more smoothly than relationships between individuals with different types You don’t need to work to understand each other: You both follow the same underlying principles. And that can make life easier in some ways. Except that the Manifestor’s principles focus on initiation, withdrawal, and anger in the face of living the False Self. Building a relationship starts to look a lot like a challenge when those are your principles. You are unlikely to call each other out for not being attentive enough or spending enough time together. There will be no resentment, no grievances: Ay, there’s the rub. If you don’t discuss divergent plans, you may come to find one day you have diverged. A marriage between two Manifestors must be a conscious decision. Family is neither’s main priority: The Manifestor finds a career and creative expression much more captivating. There is a lot of potential for freedom and independence in this relationship, but only if the partners don’t try to control each other. For the Manifestor, freedom is more important than anything else: even love. The most important thing for Manifestors in a relationship is to stay close and talk to each other if there is hope to grow. Speak out: Don’t be angry with your partner and keep it to yourself. Unlike the other types, you both have the power to initiate conversation (the Generator needs to wait for a response, the Projector needs to be invited, and the Reflector needs to track what’s going on with its mechanics). It would be extremely relevant for the pair to return from time to time to the old saying: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.