Generator and Manifesting Generator: Trying to Catch Up with Each Other
Relationships between individuals who share a type tend to go more smoothly than relationships between individuals with different types. You already speak each other’s language: Generators respond, Projectors wait for an invitation, Manifestors inform, and Reflectors wait on the lunar cycle. There are some finer points to a relationship between a Generator and a Manifesting Generator, however. Imagine you’re both BMWs. You cruise down the highway together and use the same kind of fuel. The catch is one of you has been equipped with a high-gear transmission and a considerably more powerful engine. But it’s still the same old BMW! What’s in store for your relationship? “You’ve been offered a great promotion: Why don’t you go for it?” “We’re so happy together: Why don’t we get married...?” “You’re tiring me out: I need a break.” Generators will find the endless fuss produced by their Manifesting Generator partners irritating if they lack a good understanding of their underlying nature. In turn, Manifesting Generators will find the time it takes their beloved to get going irritating if they lack the corresponding knowledge. What can you do? Follow your Strategy and Authority. Manifesting Generator: Inform and wait for a response. Generator: Don’t give in to rushing and also wait for a response. Remember that you are a great generator tandem: One of you hits the gas, and the other, if the response is there, continues the process just as powerfully. And remember: You’re both BMWs.