Projector and Generator: Who Makes the First Move?
Relationships with other people are important for the Projector, just like they are for everyone else. But let’s dwell in more detail on relationships with Generators, which happen more commonly than with other types. Relationships between these two types tend to be harmonious only if the Generator has invited the Projector into the relationship (friendship, partnership, etc.…). If the first step is made by the Projector, it can come to irritate the Generator and quickly degenerate into mutual hatred and disorder within the union. If the Generator has invited the Projector, it signifies a willingness to accept the energy of the Projector as is. It means the Generator is inviting the Projector into his space. It is important for the Projector to be accepted as is, because the Projector also strives to accept others together with all their qualities, both positive and negative. However, it is also possible for the Generator’s invitation to expire at some point in time. The energy required to interact with the Projector has run out. At this point, the Projector starts to maintain the appearance of an invitation, believing it to be nothing more than a temporary hiccup. But it is perfectly normal for relationships like this to come to an end. It just means that the Projector and the Generator have fulfilled all the goals the union could provide, and it’s time to carry out new tasks in different relationships. That would be the right choice to make because it would lead to brighter, richer, and more rewarding relationships.