A Projector at Work: A Highly Skilled Coordinator
A projector is a very valuable employee for any team to have. Unfortunately, Projectors tend to be workaholics who have a hard time saying no to their bosses. They collect a bunch of tasks but are unable to concentrate for longer than a couple of hours. They are then distracted by unrelated activities and drown themselves in even more unfinished work. All because Projectors are not designed for focused, systematic office work. After spending a few years straining to concentrate on activity of this kind, the Projector burns out. Projectors work better when they’re in charge. They are adept at directing the work of others and setting clear goals in accordance with the strengths of each individual. It’s better to work with Generators in this kind of situation: It is a mutually beneficial relationship. Projectors are good Alphas: They are suited to the role of leader, manager, administrator, team leader, etc. They must understand the range of duties and responsibilities in question. A systematic approach and coordination are necessary, in which case success is guaranteed. To work effectively, Projectors need discernment when working with others in order to identify strengths and weaknesses and use them to the greatest effect. Don’t be afraid to guide and direct, it only nourishes and develops you. Don’t forget to take a step back from others at work sometimes because you need some time to reset in solitude.