Generators at Work: Colleagues Par Excellence
To begin with, it is worth understanding that Generators are the most energetic type, and their life energy is constantly replenished. They are the planet’s great workers: Their hands create everything around us, and their energy makes it possible for other types to attain fulfilment. We know that Generators possess an endless supply of energy, and we also know that it’s important for them to respond to surroundings and events and to listen to their feelings and emotions. The force with which a Generator responds when it is appropriate to do so is truly enviable. If a Generator doesn’t like what they’re doing, however, the advantages become disadvantages, and nothing in the world can force a Generator to work properly. It is important for Generators to put effort into something that satisfies them. It is also important for Generators to receive proper guidance and to be given specific tasks with clear boundaries. Question individuals of this type, for by doing so you will furnish them with an opportunity to respond. Generators are more suited to teamwork than other types, though the work must give them something special: They must enjoy working in a team. A healthy Generator is capable of energizing their colleagues and everything around them. If they make up the majority in the team, they spur each other on. Generators must listen to their inner response at work as well and avoid doing what’s not for them. Otherwise, they waste their enormous potential, activate the False Self, and just generally tire themselves out and make themselves unhappy. Ask yourself questions, accept questions from others, and wait for the inner response that will tell you the right thing to do.